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Swapcard digital business card


Swapcard disrupts contact management and networking. Send, scan and share business cards. Manage and keep your address book up-to-date. Perfect for anyone willing to take business ahead and never lose an opportunity.No data monetization # Share your digital business card with anyone
• Create and customize your digital business card • Send it to any contact by email, they can save it without registering to Swapcard• Update your business card so your contacts can always reach you
-> Advice: Design a beautiful business card to impress your new contacts and send it whenever you meet someone.
# Scan and save business cards for free
• Scan unlimited number of business cards for free • Save contact details in your address book• Send back your digital card in one tap
-> Advice: Save time by scanning all your paper business cards. Forget about manual data entry and boost your productivity.
# Manage your contacts like never before
• Enjoy a complete, interactive and up-to-date address book• Have full control over the information shared with your contacts• Synchronize Swapcard with your smartphone’s address book
-> Advice: Swapcard automatically registers the time and the event you met your contacts. Add a note to remember important information about them.
# Network during business events
• Find and join all networking events partner with Swapcard• Access the full list of attendees and target the people you want to meet • Exchange your business card with them before, during and after each event
-> Advice: Stop collecting stacks of business card that will quickly become outdated.-> Top partner events next month : Salon des Entrepreneurs, Startup Weekend, AppDays, API Days, COP21, France Digitale, ICA Breakthrought Night